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Track Your Order

Shipping takes around 15-25 days. Shipping may take longer if the country is on lockdown and halted shipping. Please expect that after your order has been shipped, it might experience carrier delays and may take longer than usual to receive.

You will receive your tracking number via email before our carriers allow your parcel to be tracked. Once your parcel has departed, you will be able to track your parcel. Our tracking website only tracks the parcel once it ships by air or sea from our suppliers. You can email us for another tracking website if your tracking number does not update frequently. Please note that your tracking number consists of letters and numbers while your order number is always # followed by numbers. Your order number is proof of your purchase while the tracking number is for your parcel to track. It may take up to 7-10 days before the tracking website starts to update.

Our tracking number also works with any other tracking website. Use if our store does not work. For international buyers, select your country after inserting the tracking number for the updates to appear. See our FAQ and Refund Policy page if you have more questions.

Please enter your tracking number below. if your tracking number doesn't work feel free to contact us at Please provide your full name, order number, and tracking number beforehand.