Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie - Plumpy Plushies
Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie - Plumpy Plushies
Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie - Plumpy Plushies
Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie - Plumpy Plushies
Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie - Plumpy Plushies
Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie - Plumpy Plushies
Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie - Plumpy Plushies
Plumpy Plushies

Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie

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Rocky the Tiger 🐯
 You might ask "where are his whiskers?" Rocky the Tiger pronounces that he is indeed a tiger but in reality, he is not! He is secretly a Shiba Inu and he painted himself with stripes to become a tiger. His backstory came from his childhood where he always wanted to become strong. And who is the strongest animal in the wild? Tigers! Nobody took him seriously but he is determined to be the strongest animal plushie in the Plumpy Plushie universe. He is someone who is not to be messed with.
A Gift Your Kids Will Remember 🎁
     What is one thing your kids want the most? Is it money? Maybe. New video games? Most likely. Clothes? Probably not. No, what they truly want the most is a plush they'll cherish! That is why teddy bears are popular amongst kids as they share and connect with them. However, it can be better. That is where Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie comes in! His lovely appearance will make a great first impression. His company will ensure your kids with endless joy and company! Wherever you may go, they'll remind your kids of the gift that you give them. 🥰
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Grab Rocky Today Before He's Gone 😱
     There is only a limited number of Large Plumpy Rocky the Tiger Plushie in stock. Grab him today before they are sold out!
Our Mission 💖
Your wonderful experience and happiness bring happiness to us all. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and plushies are the same. Plushies are the windows to the hearts of us all. That is our mission. To be able to bring joy and laughter to whomever you may give it to. We are not just a plush store, we believe in winning the hearts of everyone. To make a community of plushie lovers and give you the best purchase you'll ever make.
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  • 37 cm Medium ( 14.57 inches )
  • 47 cm Large ( 18.50 inches )


Above: Rocky the tiger is a fierce and chonky boy that cannot be messed with. He will confidently scare off any potential enemies he sees. Secretly, he's super nice!


  • Orange
  • Light Yellow

100% Brand New and High-Quality PP Cotton ☁️

Please Note: 

Due to the light and screen difference, the color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Please allow 0.5-2 cm differences due to manual measurement.

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Pattie Stehr
Comfiest Plushie Ever <3

It‘s so cute and fluffy I love it!!<3

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