Soft and Cuddly Snuggles the Seal Plush

Soft and Cuddly Snuggles the Seal Plush

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1. How long is shipping?

Processing takes 1-3 days. Then, shipping takes around 7-15 days. Shipping may take longer depending on your country. Note that we do not have control over how fast the parcel will be able to reach your destination. We rely on our shipping partners such as USPS, Canaio, and other third party partners for shipment. Any delays in arrival is the result of shipping logistics, border customs, natural disasters, and or lockdowns. See our Shipping Policy page to see your country's estimated time of arrival.

2. Do you give out refunds?

Please check our Refund Policy to see if you are eligible for refund.

3. What is your return policy?

Instead of returning items, you can donate it to a local charity or recycle it. Why? Returns run counter to our emphasis on sustainability: every return has a carbon footprint. 

4. Has Covid-19 affected your shipping time?

Unfortunately, this is something that has affected us. Due to Covid-19, many of our shipping carriers are experiencing delays in delivering orders. Please expect that after your order has been shipped, it might experience carrier delays and may take longer than usual to receive. 

5. Why is my parcel taking a long time at Customs?

US Customs or other country's customs may also affect the delays with shipping. Please note that unexpected wait times for inspection during border customs aren't within our control. We do not give out refunds if the parcel stays at customs for a period of time. However, if the parcel says it is unsuccessful at the country's border customs then we can issue a refund.

6. Do you ship worldwide?

As of now, we do not offer shipping in all parts of the world; however, this is the list of countries that we do ship:

  • North America - United States, Canada, and Mexico

  • Europe - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom

  • AsiaChina, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam

  • Australia - Australia

  • Oceania - New Zealand

Your feedback tremendously helps us decide if we should ship to your country so leave us a suggestion! 

7. Why doesn't my tracking number work?

You will receive your tracking number before our carriers allow your parcel to be tracked. Once your parcel has departed, you will be able to track your parcel. Our tracking website only tracks the parcel once it ships from air or sea from our suppliers. Note that the shipping information email we send you is your tracking number and not your order number. The tracking number consists of list of letters and numbers while your order number always start with # followed by numbers. It may take from 7-10 days before the tracking number starts updating. Email us if the tracking website does not frequently update after that. Give us your full name, order number, and tracking number in order for us to provide you another tracking website.

8. The order status says the order is fulfilled but how come I haven't received my plush yet?

The automated chat system that tells you whether or not the order has been fulfilled. It just means that the parcel has been shipped and does not mean the plush has arrived to its destination yet.

9. Why is the plushie squished inside the packaging?

The plushie is compressed and compacted inside the package in order to keep the plushie from losing its shape upon shipping. It will not cause the plushie to become smaller from the compression. Let the plushie expand once the package is opened. Some plushies have zippers that you can add more cotton inside or if you want to wash the cover. Stretch marks from the plushie is normal and is the result of the plushie expanding from the packaging. 

10. Why is plushie not big in real life compared to the photos?

Please be mindful of the plushies' varying sizes as the images shown may not be the size of the plushie itself. Refer back to the size options to see the size comparison of each plushie in centimeters or inches.

11. What happens if it says "Delivery Attempt Failed" in my tracking?

It means that the parcel is unable to be successfully delivered to your location during the time of delivery. Sometimes this happens if there is nowhere to place the parcel or there is no one at home to receive it. The parcel will be sent back to your local post office. Contact them and ask if there are any parcel that was sent to you.

12. How come I didn't receive a tracking number?

We always send an automated shipping information email to you once the parcel is processed to be shipped. The email details your tracking number that consists of letters and numbers while your order number starts with # followed by numbers. The order number lets us know your proof of purchase while your tracking number is for you to track your parcel. In the case that you haven't received the tracking number, chat with us in the store or email us. Provide us with your name and order number.

13. Does the tracking number work in other tracking websites?

Yes! Our "Track your order" page uses one of many tracking websites that you can use to find updates on your parcel. Another reliable tracking website that you can use is for more accurate updates if your parcel is not updated in our store. For international buyers, select your country after inserting the tracking number for the updates to appear. See our FAQ page if you have more questions.

14. Why should I buy from Plumpy Plushies?

Plumpy Plushies is the best top online plush toy seller in the world for cute, fluffy, and chonky plushies. Making it a great present for anniversaries, birthdays, and holiday gifts. If chocolates can win the hearts of someone, then plushies can win the hearts of everyone. No matter what age someone is, plushies transcends every known gift that will make every moment memorable. We know this and we want you to enjoy it too with your friends and families. We offer free shipping worldwide and sales up to 50% off for a limited time. We also have a great staff team working nonstop to give you an excellent customer support experience.

15. I ordered two plushies and only one came. What happened?

Each plushie you order are separated into different parcels for shipment. This means you will receive more than one tracking number for each of your parcel. Once they are shipped, they will be delivered to you at different times. 

We at Plumpy Plushies always strive to give you the best high-quality products and shipping rates.

We understand how painful it is to reach out to customer service for refunds and returns and never get an answer back. We ensure you that we are here to help. 

Damaged or defective
We must be notified via email of any item(s) that may be damaged or defective as soon as possible.

Please email us with this information:

1. Reach out to us via email if your item(s) is damaged or defective within 5 business days.

2. Please give us your full name, order number, product name, and photos of evidence within the email.

3. Plumpy Plushies is not responsible for any accidental damages caused by misuse or negligence of care from our products.

4. Our team will manually review your email request and decide if it qualifies for a refund.

5. Your full refund may take 5-10 business days to be delivered to your bank.

Can I cancel my order?

Please email us as soon as possible if you want to change or cancel your order. Incorrect shipping information must be notified as soon as possible to prevent any problems.

Please email us with this information:

1. Email us at

2. Be sure to give us your full name, order number, product name, and tell us if you want to cancel the order.

3. We cannot change the order once you have made your purchase. You will have to cancel the order and repurchase it from our store.

4. You will have a time frame of 12 hours to cancel your order. After the time frame has passed, we have already begun shipment for your order. We can no longer cancel it after the time window. We do not offer refunds or reshipment for any incorrect shipping information after 24 hours.


No more endless hassle of trying to return your item(s) to receive a refund. You will no longer need to return your item(s) to us.

Just email us what went wrong, proof of your purchase, and if it qualifies for a refund, we will send you a full refund. 

Returns are only eligible if the item is damaged or defective. Any other reasons do not qualify as a refund.

Your full refund may take 5-10 working days to be delivered to your bank.

I received the wrong item

We want to apologize if we sent you the wrong item. You will be eligible for us to reship your item(s) or receive a full refund if we find that we sent you the wrong item(s).

Please email us with this information:

1. Email us at

2. Give us your full name, order number, and photos of evidence of what you received.

3. Our team will manually review your request and if approved, we'll ask you if you want your order to be reshipped or a full refund.

4. Your full refund may take between 5-10 working days to be delivered to your bank.

I never received my item

Shipping may take longer if the country is on lockdown and halted shipping. Please expect that after your order has been shipped, it might experience carrier delays and may take longer than usual to receive. If you never received your order within 35 days, we will provide an option to reship your order or issue a full refund.

Unfortunately, we have no control over shipping delays as the global pandemic has caused unexpected delays worldwide. We hope for your patience and understanding.

Please email us with this information:

1. Email us at

2. Please give us your full name, order number, and tracking number.

3. Explain to us your situation and we will manually review your request.

4. If approved, we'll ask you if you want your item(s) to reship or if you want a full refund.

Shipping takes 15-25 days if you choose your item(s) to be re-shipped. If you choose a full refund, it may take between 5-10 business days to be delivered to your bank.

Lost parcels

If the tracking information says "Successfully Delivered" but you have not received your items yet, we will do our best to resolve this issue. 

We will investigate this issue with our logistics team. To protect Plumpy Plushies from fraud or scam, we can only offer to reship your item(s). We do not provide refunds lost by the postal service.

Please email us with this information:

1. Email us at

2. Give us your full name, order number, tracking number, and explain your situation to us.

3. We will manually review your request and decide if you are eligible to have your item(s) reshipped.

4. If approved, we will reship your item(s). Shipping takes 15-25 days.

If the tracking information says "Unsuccessfully delivered," it is caused due to various reasons: no place to drop the item(s), incorrect shipping information, or the parcel is unable to reach the destination. 

Please reach out to your local postal service for any item(s) that was unsuccessfully delivered to your shipping address.


"It's incredibly soft, I use it as a pillow! It's so cute too I'll definitely be taking it to college with me. It's bigger than I expected and I got the super gigantic size! Had normal shipping time, any reasonable person would be satisfied with the delivery time. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this plushie to your crush, friends, and family. If I ever run out of room, I would guarantee any of my friends would keep it!"

Matty (270k followers on Tiktok)

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