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"It's incredibly soft, I use it as a pillow! It's so cute too I'll definitely be taking it to college with me. It's bigger than I expected and I got the super gigantic size! Had normal shipping time, any reasonable person would be satisfied with the delivery time. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this plushie to your crush, friends, and family. If I ever run out of room, I could guarantee any of my friends would keep it!"

Matty (270k followers on Tiktok)

"The plushie was very soft and comfortable. Felt very high quality. The shipping times was good and wasn't too long of a wait. I would recommend these plushies to anyone! Would collab again!" :)

Vkuuu (232k followers on Tiktok)
Plumpy Fluffysaurus Plushie - Plumpy Plushies

What is Plumpy Plushies?

"Plumpy Plushies is the best top online plush toy seller in the world for cute, fluffy, and chonky plushies. Making it a great present for anniversaries, birthdays, and holiday gifts. Free shipping worldwide and sales. Size ranges from small, medium, large, gigantic, and super gigantic. Our plushies serve as a gentle reminder to whomever you give it to that they'll cherish forever. It is not just a plushie, but a memory of you to them that will last a lifetime." - Josh Esteba, Founder of Plumpy Plushies

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